‘Young socialists are as good as bankrupt due to financial mismanagement’

'Young socialists are as good as bankrupt due to financial mismanagement'


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De Jonge Socialisten (JS), youth wing of PvdA, nearly bankrupt due to financial mismanagement, reports say Norwegian Refugee Council. A ton of spending by two former treasurers is not justified, says the current JS board. The newspaper said that the two princes may be prosecuted because it is not clear what more than a ton was spent on.

PvdA President Esther-Mirjam Sent placed the youth organization under trusteeship in November. Every post that JS wants to release must first be approved by PvdA.

The NRC writes that claims have not been paid. The youth club, which has nearly 2,000 members, received its third treasurer in December in six months.

50,000 euros negative

A company investigation agency that investigated the financial situation at the behest of JS and PvdA found several questionable payments by treasurers. According to that agency, it seems very likely that they have siphoned money from the youth organization.

JS wants to get clarification on more than 100,000 euros and recover this amount from the previous treasury. Treasurer from September 2020 to June 2022 in the amount of €67,000. With the treasurer who succeeded him in July last year, it comes to paying more than the €35,000 he had paid on his last day as treasurer.

The investigation into the modus operandi of the former treasurers is still ongoing, but it is already clear that since the 2020 financial year, the association’s equity has gone from more than 200,000 positive euros to a negative 50,000 euros. The Labor Party has taken over all the debts.

Legal action

The Board asked the two treasurers to calculate and explain their expenses. If they don’t, JS will take legal action. The exact time frame is unknown. Both former secretaries are no longer members of JS.

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