Correspondent United States – NOS, Hilversum / Villamedia

Are you a journalistic heavyweight with a passion for America and Canada? Can it be turned into stories for TV, radio, online and social media?
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Who we are

If something happens somewhere, NOS is there. NOS ensures that everyone in the Netherlands is up-to-date, whether it’s news, sports or events.
Because if people know what is happening in the world. Why is it happening? Then they can form their opinion, make choices and understand the opinion of others a little better.
NOS is one of the largest news organizations in the Netherlands. Correspondents from abroad are also part of it.

What are you going to do?
From the NOS office in Washington, close to the White House and Congress, NOS reports daily on events in the United States. The country is still considered as a political, military and economic superpower in the world. But a country with many internal contradictions. The gap between conservative and liberal, urban and rural, rich and poor seems to be widening. Former President Trump’s influence continues to spread both socially and politically. Silicon Valley’s tech giants influence our daily lives and the role of technology in it. And the future of our climate is largely determined by Washington. We’re looking for a journalistic heavyweight who can paint a clear, layered picture of this large, diverse country through reports and stories to report from this enormous force field. Someone who can quickly provide context and explanation for all the different perspectives America has to offer. In addition, the NOS Bureau in Washington reports on major news developments in Canada.

What do you bring?
• Has extensive journalistic experience for TV, radio, online and social media;
• Experienced in radio, television and online editing systems and technical skills;
• knows a lot about political, economic and social developments in the United States and Canada;
• Excellent command of English;
• analytically strong in interpretation of the message;
• Translates stories into Dutch;
• Creative and innovative in approach, perspectives and narrative forms;
• Can work under time pressure;
• Irregular working hours and willing to travel.

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