Therese, the illustrious Queen of Zedek, passed away: “She was an icon.”

Therese, the illustrious Queen of Zedek, passed away: "She was an icon."

The Queen of Zeedijk legend or icon. Only three descriptions we hear about Zeedijk when it comes to trees. She lived her entire life on Zeedijk and passed away yesterday at the age of 85. Anyone who met her would miss her, because she had such a bright and colorful appearance. And once you start talking to her, you can’t get rid of her.

Armin van Zutphen had been her neighbor for 25 years and was already missing Trees: “She always walked in her sparkling creations in high heels, or waved out her window.” Her style of clothing was particularly striking, because even though she was in her 80s, she looked “perfect” every day, says Rob Van Holst. He knew her personally and always had a crush on her.

Honey, they walk like socks.

Trees when she got a comment about her huge heels

Nobody really knows exactly how old the trees were. But she had a timeless look, Amin says. Another friend explains that she stuck to a certain era in a colorful way. white teeth, pretty hats, thick make-up, curls on her shoulders; It’s all mentioned when it comes to trees.

Therese’s house is across from the record store of Raoul and Bass, who occasionally help their neighbor with the housework and groceries and always talk to her anyway. “Just like us, Therese loved collecting and wanted the best for the neighborhood and the city. I will miss that.”


Raoul also says that Therese was a huge fan of Frank Sinatra. “She was such a fan that she made his music hit the streets.” Especially on Sundays, explains Michael Bruins, the owner of the café across from her house. “She was such a special character.”

What locals and acquaintances will miss most are her gifts on holidays and everyday conversations. Therese was always up to date with all the news and “once it gets to you, it can’t be stopped.”

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