The Municipality and Hogeschool Breda open the Game Development Center on campus – Games – News

The municipality of Breda has signed a partnership agreement with Ubisoft and the city’s University of Applied Sciences to create a game development center. Video Game Accelerator 2.0 is now officially open.

Developer Center is open Ceremony at Breda University of Applied Sciences. This has been done by the university together with the municipality of Breda, North Brabant Province and Ubisoft, which is investing an unknown amount in the project. Campus start-ups will work alongside their studies, so that students not only learn how to develop games, but also how to market them on the spot.

Most of these developments are happening in the Video Game Accelerator 2.0, a building on campus where not only training takes place, but also where scientists can perform applied research in developing game technologies. In addition, demonstrations are possible and companies can come and work in the building.

The University of Breda has been offering one of the largest gaming courses in Europe for some time now, and initiatives have been taken in the city to stimulate the development of the game for some time now. This is done, among other things, through the Breda Game City Foundation. According to the university, other plans will be expanded during the year.

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