You will be ignorant and uninterested

You will be ignorant and uninterested

Christine Lambrecht, Germany’s defense minister, drives an armored vehicle at a demonstration in February.Sean Gallup/Getty Images

It seems that Christine Lambrecht, 56, is not lacking in self-confidence. When the SPD politician took office in December 2021 as part of the new federal government, she did so with the words: ‘Anyone who knows me knows I like big challenges’. Since then, Lambrecht has gone from fiasco to fiasco, According to an unusually fierce attack by a weekly newspaper from the mirror

writes Lambrecht, who resisted or canceled the sweeping briefings prepared for her by the Chief of Defense from the mirror† She has yet to meet with most of the Big Six, despite repeated requests. She cannot identify military ranks by insignia. She is only in the ministry for a short time each day. There is even a rumor from defense circles that Lambrecht canceled a meeting with her British counterpart due to a hairdressing appointment, which angered the British minister.

All this would have been privately fixed, had Lambrecht not also become the target of public outrage at the beginning of this month. Just before Easter, she visited German soldiers in the north of the country by military helicopter. Also on board: her adult son. It was practical, that they then went on vacation to nearby Wadden Island in Sylt. A month later, my son uploaded photos of the trip to his Instagram account, and since then the whole of Germany has been tumbling over the Lambrecht.

While not strictly against the rules, She is blamed for the tone of deafness: It’s war in Europe, but the Lambrechts family uses a military helicopter to go on vacation. Lambrecht says she will pay the extra costs for her son, although it remains unclear exactly how that works. Then the minister added fuel to the fire, emphasizing that she had done nothing wrong – perhaps apart from filming – and that she attached importance to a good relationship with her son.

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reject criticism

It represents the veteran director Lambrecht: she acts according to her vision and is proud of it. Usually refuse criticism. It is a position that has already raised eyebrows during her tenure as Parliament Speaker of the SPD in the Bundestag (2013-2017) and as Minister of State for Finance (2018-2019), and for frankly turbulence in Her time as Minister of Justice (2019-2021). But with the Ministry of Defense, at the time of the Russian war against Ukraine, Lambrecht arguably had the most difficult ministerial position in the modern history of Germany. She is under a magnifying glass.

Lambrecht not only oversees a ministry with 265,000 employees, whose more than 180,000 soldiers could be asked to risk their lives, but it faces a historic task: the complete reform – in her words – of the Bundeswehr. With an additional budget of €100 billion for the next five years, the German armed forces will be transformed into one of the most powerful non-nuclear armies in the world.

Now it is Bender Block, Defense headquarters in BerlinThe infamous pit snake. The Bundeswehr and the Ministry of Defense are understandably under the weight of a chronic sense of political misjudgment. Many of the new ministers encountered fierce internal resistance. So it’s not her fault, Lambrecht told the news site T Online† When I look at what has been written about my predecessors, I do not have the impression that the turmoil is about my own person. Unfortunately, there are some people who feed the media with rumors, backbiting, and workplace gossip.


However, resentment of Lambrecht is extraordinarily large, driven by a deadly mixture of blame: ignorance and indifference. For example, at a press conference in which Lambrecht announced that Germany would buy a JSF fighter jet, it seemed to suffer from the term Next generation fighter† She then revised her notes regarding the name of the man in the blue uniform next to her, the Commander in Chief of the Air Force. He writes, “Who would ask someone in the defense circles about Lambrecht’s place in the ministry these days?” from the mirrormostly this video (From the press conference, red.) in response.

Lambrecht’s lack of self-criticism reinforces the impression of disinterest. And it really started with a 1–0 deficit: it is widely known that an SPD politician would prefer to become Minister of the Interior. The next error was very distressing, which suspiciously looked like a sabotage attempt that was packaged as a statement of support.

request in oneself T Onlinerumor interview that If Interior Minister Nancy Visser wanted to give up her post prematurely in exchange for the SPD leadership in the federal state of Hesse, Lambrecht took another step forward. I suppose they (in Hessen, red.) Not only did she become a party leader, but she also became the first female prime minister there! ‘ Weiser also had to immediately defend herself in the German media against accusations that her interests lay elsewhere than the department he headed.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz – now the opposition leader – went to war against Lambrecht earlier this month. “This minister will no longer win the confidence of the army in the Bundeswehr,” chanted Merz in a debate in the Bundestag against Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a member of the Lambrecht party. “Mr. Schultz, free yourself from this minister as quickly as possible. You will do so sometime in the coming weeks or months.” So do it soon.

For now, the chancellor remains behind the minister. Lambrecht herself said she had no intention of giving up on the road T Online† “I took the position of defense minister,” says Lambrecht. “And whoever knows me knows that I am fulfilling my duties.”

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