Yankees SP Domingo Germán keeps trying to get a perfect game after referee appears to say ‘you have to wash your hands’

Yankees SP Domingo Germán keeps trying to get a perfect game after referee appears to say 'you have to wash your hands'

New York Yankees quarterback Domingo German got off to a great start during Saturday’s game against the Minnesota Twins. Germain’s start was so impressive that Twins manager Rocco Baldelli became skeptical about how Germain could control the Twins’ starting lineup.

After throwing three perfect runs, Germain was checked by an umpire as he left the field. It started as a routine check for pitching until referee James Howe began focusing on Germain’s throwing hand. The referee lingers at the hands of Germain, who catches up a bit and shares a few words with Germain.

But when Germain came out again for the fourth inning, he was checked again. This prolonged second check led to a very strange exchange between the referee’s staff and Germain.

Members of both the umpire’s staff and the Yankees crowded around Germain during the check. At one point, Hoye appears to say to Germán, “You have to wash your hands.” Despite this, German was allowed to remain in the competition. As he heads towards the mound, Baldelli rushes to find out what happened. After not getting the answer he wanted, Baldelli was kicked out of the competition.

At some point in the entire ordeal, Huys also appears to tell Germain, “I told you to wipe it off.”

German Turnover rates have mysteriously decreased Shortly after telling him he needed to wash his hands.

All that led up to the multiple tests did not rock Germain on the hill. He managed to stay perfect through both the fourth and fifth innings against the Twins. But he lost the perfect game to a no-hitter in the sixth inning.

Although he gave up some batting after the Second Test, Germain kept the twins off the scoreboard. He was removed from contention in the seventh game with a lead of 4-0. Germain gave out only three hits and struck out 11 in ​6 1/3 innings pitched in starts.

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