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True, but my experience is that those older ones work just fine with almost a local experience (I use them less for games, by the way, so I can’t give a good opinion on that). All pre-2010 apps (or apps that have kept their old settings but are still receiving updates) work perfectly. From the ’20s to the ’20s, things often go well, and you can turn them on, especially at first glance. But since those years, it is often difficult and not all functions work or other problems occur, that you only notice that you are not actually on Windows. This can be graphs or functions that don’t respond well. Even if you get to Wine versions that should provide better compatibility for that particular software.

By the way, I rarely have problems running old software on Windows 10, for example, only occasionally with a game from the early 2000s, but there is often a patch for that.

Having said all of that, Wine is a truly superior project and the past few years have made really great strides around both games and apps, regularly ensuring that I don’t have to downgrade to less polished Linux alternatives because I can use Windows software that I can totally work with. So there is nothing wrong with Wine, but it will never be perfect.

By the way, it doesn’t seem like the best to have a live emulation layer, I guess it doesn’t really help to experiment with running things in WSL. WSL is mainly interesting for its pure command line, and even that doesn’t always work smoothly. From the moment GUI applications have to be opened, I don’t think it’s a good solution, and it doesn’t seem to benefit the gaming experience either.

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