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Owner Nord Stream says he is not allowed to investigate explosions | Economie

05 okt 2022 om 10:43Update: 3 uur geleden 0:45Afspelen knop Gas storage facilities in France and Belgium are complete Last week’s incident further put pressure on gas supplies from Russia. Therefore, European countries are busy replenishing their stocks as much as possible. For example, the French regulator “Commission de régulation de l’énergie” (CRE) announced on […]

Russian leaders admit the Ukrainian army’s incursions in the occupied Kherson region | Currently

Pro-Russian commanders in Ukraine admitted on Monday that the Ukrainian army had made some successful breakthroughs in the southern Kherson region. Ukraine itself claims to be making successful progress eastward. Kherson’s pro-Russian governor, Volodymyr Saldo, has acknowledged the hacks on Russian state television. “The situation is tense, let’s put it this way,” he said. Another […]

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