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The international police agency Europol has taken 12,526 domains offline since May because they offered counterfeit goods or engaged in piracy. The campaign also led to 32 servers being taken offline and 15 online stores closed.

Bee The work came from Europol and cooperating partners, including state police units, in the first instance against infringement of intellectual property rights and trademarks, as well as infringement of IP TV content and movie streaming service content. Police services have also encountered a lot of infringing content on peer-to-peer sharing platforms and web hosts. 32 servers that were brought down by the Spanish police in the operation were used to distribute and host illegal content for 2,294 Internet TV channels.

In addition to digital intrusions, police services have faced a lot of trade in counterfeit goods. For example, the participating parties seized 127,365 counterfeit items, including clothing, watches, shoes, accessories, perfumes, electronics, and phone cases. In all, the value of these goods amounted to 3.8 million euros, according to Europol. This action took 15 online stores to sell fake products through social media.

The procedure is called the process at our sites and returns annually. This was the thirteenth edition and ran from May 1 to November 14. The number of 12,526 offline sites that were taken offline is near the peak. in 2019 And the in 2018 For example, more than 30,000 domains have been disconnected. In the 2022 edition, 14 people were arrested or formally charged with violating their intellectual rights. Also, 10 search warrants were issued. The prime suspect in the Spanish police is said to be earning up to €150,000 a month through his criminal activities.

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