Kyiv returns to power again.. Kherson is drained after fifty shells | The war in Ukraine

Kyiv returns to power again.. Kherson is drained after fifty shells |  The war in Ukraine

First of all Kyiv: There the government reported on Sunday that the electricity network has been restored almost everywhere. Residents will have access to electricity, water and heating again. The latter is important given the country’s harsh winters.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko said the technicians carried out the repairs “in record time”. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky felt that the recovery was slow.

Russia has been harassing Ukraine’s energy supplies for weeks. The Kremlin is trying to keep the Ukrainian population out in the cold by turning off the heating. This is while the temperature is regularly below freezing. Therefore, Zelensky’s government set up heating centers in cities as a precautionary measure, where people could go for heat, water and electricity.

Kherson shot 50 times in one day

Despite this, the Ukrainian government called on residents of cities on the front line to leave. According to Zelensky, the inner cities are safer, because it is hoped that they will be less targeted by Russian airstrikes.

Residents can volunteer to vacate. It seems to be gaining strength in Kherson. Ukrainian forces retook the city two weeks ago, but it again came under heavy bombardment on Sunday. In response, hundreds of residents decided to leave.

According to the regional governor of the region, Russia has carried out at least 50 shells. At least one person was killed and two others were injured. The situation in the area is said to be “critical” as many power lines and infrastructure have been destroyed. Only 5 percent of the population will have a light in the house. Hospitals were temporarily without electricity.

The exchange of new prisoners is complete

Finally, the two warring sides had another prisoner exchange. 12 Ukrainians and nine Russian soldiers were released.

Both countries regularly exchange prisoners of war. Earlier this week, a total of 100 prisoners took part. At the beginning of November, no less than 214 soldiers were exchanged in one agreement. In the past two months, a total of about five hundred soldiers participated in it.


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