March 24, 2023

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With every confession by Andres Knievel I thought: Next time he's going to announce he's an atheist

With every confession by Andres Knievel I thought: Next time he’s going to announce he’s an atheist

Because of a “technical reason” Andrés Knievel must stop at Evangelische Omroep. Knievel would have liked to continue, but he couldn’t. I find it unfortunate that technology has triumphed over religion at Knevel in particular. It wouldn’t surprise me, if God hadn’t left him, and yet a way was found to get Knevel back. This has happened before in the history of Christianity.

I’ve written a lot about Knevel, even discussing him, allowing me to quietly declare that I’ve become a fan of him over the years. I don’t know anyone, for example, who could behave so modestly and modestly in such a solemn manner. Usually this happens on TV, so that millions of viewers can enjoy it. Last Monday he was with Eva Genk for what I think will be his (first) farewell tour. He provided real, pure thinking for Andres Kneville there. For example, he said that after much deliberation he vaccinated himself “out of charity”.

The average person is vaccinated by the motive of self-protection and may (or she) think for a moment about Adam Smith (1723-1790), who argued that the self-interest of many could also serve the interest of society. But Knievel was not vaccinated for himself, but for others. His interlocutors sat there and nodded, deeply moved. What a good person this mask is!

There is no greater evidence for Darwin’s theory of evolution than the evolution of EO since its acceptance into the system in 1970. Those who remember the first EO programs will recognize that this EO was valued more wildly than the tilapia of Lake Victoria. In its early years, the Ethics Organization took a firm stand against homosexuality. Reverend Dorenbos, dressed in black, came to tell me that psychiatrist Van den Ardwig could cure you. Another EO program called Adam or monkey?Which means, dear children, that we cannot be descended from a monkey. This was just ridiculous in the eyes of God. Knievel himself has stated that as a gay or unmarried mother, you can never work in the Ethics Office.

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But somewhere in Knevel, and thus also in EO, a turning point came. Perhaps it stemmed from the unexpected fact that Knievel’s brother turned out to be gay. God sometimes does strange tricks for his followers. Perhaps the reason for this shift was that then-Minister Ronald Plasterk sat at Andres’ kitchen table to explain to him that it really did not make sense to oppose Darwin. from the series Mammal life From David Attenborough, the EO then cut out all references to evolution, but then the broadcaster wanted it to be a “platform in the evolution debate”. Sympathetic initiative, although the debate has long been settled.

Since then, Knievel has been very busy linking faith with science, and although he has yet to find the elusive Columbus egg, the Ethics Office has increasingly shown itself to be a broadcaster who has been open to the craziest of things. The ring grenade was replaced by a heavy metal one. Homosexuals became program makers and suddenly the group welcomed single mothers. The more unmarried a person is, the better. He allowed an atheist like Jan Mulder to make a series about eternal life and not even turn into a pillar of salt.

All this was due to the personal development of Knevel, which he regularly witnessed on TV. I’m not saying that his acceptance of evolution was a public admission, but it must have been something his “supporters” noticed with their teeth. Suspicion of everything has become a trademark of Knevel. Deliberate and in the end God decides, and maybe not even that. With every confession I thought: Next time Andres will declare that he has become an atheist, but it’s not quite that far yet. Even after his retirement, he will continue to speak faithfully on behalf of his supporters.

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You might expect Knievel to be interested in Calvin, Popper, or Bonhoeffer, but a few years ago he surprised his friend and promised him a lyric book about Francis I titled Pope’s secret. the following Atheist Bible It’s in my closet on the shelf: great books. The Pope was never able to speak to Knievel and the secret that made me curious was never revealed. But Kneville himself, dressed in an elegant suit, was depicted in large format on the cover.

The research is said to be the book. If he finds something too, we’ll definitely hear about it.