Frank Jansen makes a powerful statement about the “deeply depressed” Rogier.

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Roger Smit recently posted a mysterious text on Instagram in which he appeared to say he was suffering from severe depression. It remains unclear what Rogier means by this position, but former Frank Janssen is certainly not worried. “It no longer affects me.”

Roger recently shared an intense message on Instagram. “The end… Rest in peace Roger Smit. He wrote goodbye. What does Roger mean by this text? His former friend Frank Jansen has no idea either. “I blocked Roger 06 for a long time. He recently got a new number, but I’m going to block him too. When I got that message, I thought: Hello! I don’t want to hear from him anymore,” Frank responded in a conversation with the weekly magazine Week. Ind.

“major depression”

Frank thinks it’s terrible that Roger would put such a text on Instagram. “He is also very cruel, because he puts everyone on the wrong path. If something happened to him one day, everyone would think: It shouldn’t be like this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he chose to die. Because of course he suffers from deep depression.”

“It no longer affects me”

Is Frank worried? “Does not answer. “Because it doesn’t affect me anymore. I had a good time with Roger, but when he started acting crazy, it was terrible. I don’t want to bother anyone with this, I think this is private.”

Frank hates Roger

Frank and Roger have been together for seventeen years and Frank finds it increasingly difficult to look at this positively. “It’s very strange to have someone as a partner for seventeen years, but now you hate them so much,” Frank says. “I don’t understand it myself, but it seems like this is part of life.”

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