Windows 10 update is causing problems for some users

Windows 10 update is causing problems for some users

Windows 10 has received a new update. This sounds like good news, but you may have to do without a beloved feature.

We are all waiting de release From Windows 11, but until then we just have to deal with Windows 10. Microsoft is now having problems with one of the most useful features in the operating system reports newer windows.

Alt-Tab does not work for some users

We’re talking about the Alt-Tab functionality in Windows 10. If you hold down Alt and then press the Tab key, you can quickly scroll through all your open apps and Windows. When you stop pressing the Tab key, the highlighted window or application is selected.

The functionality in Windows 10 is of course very useful for fast switching between programs. But it would be nicer if you opened a full screen game, for example. This way you can quickly open another program without having to close the game right away. Another advantage is that you can easily exit the application when it is not working.

Several Windows 10 users are now reporting that the feature has disappeared. It will be the July 2021 preview release (KB5004296) and the August 2021 update (KB5005033). It would happen when they tried to switch between apps and games. If you were to go back to a game, the screen would turn black. Then it will not be possible to return to the game. If the update is uninstalled, everything will work normally again.

This is how to fix it in Windows 10

Fortunately, there seems to be a way to solve the problem in the KB5005033 version. Right-click on the taskbar and go to News & Interests. Select Off there. The Alt-Tab function should then work again. The other method, as mentioned, is to uninstall the update. Then pause updates, so that suddenly your computer won’t install them again automatically. The issue will likely be resolved in the next version of Windows 10.

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Windows 10 update is causing problems for some users

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