Oakland pitcher Chris Bassett ‘conscious and conscious’ after driving the line hit him in the head

Oakland pitcher Chris Bassett 'conscious and conscious' after driving the line hit him in the head

Chicago – Oakland Athletics Chris Bassett He was ejected from the field in the second half of Tuesday night’s game against the Chicago White Sox after being hit in the head by a pushline.

Bassett said in a tweet on Twitter that Bassett was “conscious and conscious,” adding that he had been taken to a local hospital.

Oakland coach Bob Melvin said after the match, a 9-0 A loss, that Bassett never lost consciousness.

“We don’t think the eye is a problem at this point. I felt like it was under it. He got some cuts [need] Melvin, who didn’t answer any questions, said, “A few stitches. He’s getting checked and we’ll know more about possible fractures tomorrow.”

Bassett, 32, immediately fell to the ground after being hit by a ball that went off the White Sox midfielder. Brian GoodwinRacket at 100.1 miles per hour.

His teammates as well as A’s coaching staff rushed to his aid down the hill, where Bassett remained frustrated for several minutes. He was helped into a golf cart and taken off the course.

Bassett, who is 12-4 with a 3.22 ERA this season, has been replaced by the stage porsche smith.

Goodwin was not made available to the media after the match, but he expressed his support for Bassett in a tweet later Tuesday.

Chicago manager Tony La Russa said Bassett was “the number one concern.”

“We all really hope he only survived a bruise,” La Russa said. “There was a dark cloud around that whole game.”

The Team A players also did not speak to the media.

“It’s a lot bigger than baseball at that point,” third baseball player White Sox Jake Lamb She said. “Anytime you get hit in the head like that, it’s a very scary situation.”

pitcher of white sox Photo of Reynaldo Lopez He also said he was shaken by what happened.

He said through an interpreter, “When you see something like this, it’s hard to digest because…as a jug, we know this can happen.” “It’s like, ‘It could happen to me and it’s scary. Every time you see something like that it’s hard to swallow.'”

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