The entertainment sector is stunned by camping at the Zandvoort circuit | show

The entertainment sector is stunned by camping at the Zandvoort circuit |  show

“But it’s not a festival,” KINK DJ Michiel Veenstra writes bitterly while sharing a link to the website for the so-called Formula 1 village at Zandvoort. Just show it’s going to be a multi-day party. I can really be very angry about this. How they would laugh at these adorable clown hippies, blazing polo shirts in F1’s VIP brew.

Comedian and podcaster Wouter Monden reacts furiously to Veenstra’s tweet. “Really huh. Unbelievable. Even more than I already was. Fest with shit music and racing cars. Get out of here.”

Comedian Peter Pannecock doesn’t understand that either. “I wish Formula 1 fans a great weekend, but I am amazed that there is a camping site for several days as well. To be clear: a camping site seems like a much better idea than taking the train every day, but such a fun festival!” He later adds: “Actually, these are Kinds of tweets are not an invitation to cancel more, but to allow more.”

Katinka Boldermann, a theater maker, doesn’t understand politics either. “Maybe it would be more convenient, faster and less painful if the government banned art and culture all at once, rather than allowing the sector to deteriorate further and further,” she says frankly. To add: “I’m already stocking up on books by the time we’ll just have sports competitions to entertain ourselves.”

Presenter Tim Hoffman also questions the location of the Formula 1 camp. “A lot of people don’t know, but if the Lowlands had built a go-kart track next to the Alpha, it could go on as normal,” he says sarcastically. BNR presenter Kees Dorresteijn sarcastically asks: “Are multi-day events with a place to sleep – but also with fixed seating allowed?” NOS host Winfried Baijens writes “F1stival” and singer Leonie Meijer only responds with “wow.”

Since the so-called cabinet camping festivals Banned until September 1 due to the ongoing Corona crisis, there is a lot of misunderstanding from the entertainment sector about some things that are allowed, such as full football stadiums. Many argue that there is inequality.

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