March 22, 2023

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The Passion 2022 doetinchem

Will this Dutch star play Barabbas in Doetinchem’s The Passion 2022?

The full cast of The Passion 2022 is in Doetinchem for the final rehearsals for the final live broadcast. Who are the heroes and disciples has been known for a while, but we still know a little about one player: who plays the criminal Barabbas?

On Instagram, The Passion shares an unrecognizable photo of a bright orange celebrity known in general. The rumor mill is now running overtime and the reactions to the Instagram post are exactly the same.

Dennis Scott as Barabbas?

“This is Dennis Scott,” many followers share under the photo. Could it have something to do with the emerging juice duct? gossip Which presenter Dennis Scotten is part of? A small majority believe Rico Verhoeven can be seen tonight as Barabbas.

The text continues below the Instagram post >

The supporting role for Barabbas was previously performed by gymnast Yuri van Gelder, DJ Dave Roelvink, singer Famke Louise and cyclist Thomas Decker. They too have lost their credibility for various reasons. Who will finally be released during The Passion 2022 can be seen tonight from 8.30pm on NPO 1.

Who is Barabbas?

His name appears in the New Testament: Barabbas (also called Barabbas). It is the murderer who, according to the Gospels, was released by Pilate in the place of Jesus on Easter. source: Date

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