60% Review of Mountain Everest Keyboard – Tweakers

60% Review of Mountain Everest Keyboard - Tweakers


Mountain’s third keyboard, the Everest 60%, is, as the name suggests, a very compact keyboard with 63 keys. Under the pbt keycaps are the mount switches, which are heat-toggled, and lubricated just like the fasteners. Combined with acoustic damping measures such as rubber in the chassis and foam around the PCB, this results in an extremely quiet keyboard. Build quality has reached a new peak after Everest Max. If you can not do without the digital panel, you can attach a copy that is attached to the keyboard. This way you can take advantage of the compact 60% format and ease of entering number pad numbers. The price is reasonable max 210€ for a complete set with a great selection of pbt keycaps and 140€ you only get 60% keyboard with black pbts. There are also drawbacks: the software for macros, links, and lighting effects is only available for Windows and no other keyboard sizes are available yet.

After founding Mountain in 2018, it remained logically unknown for some time. That soon changed when the first consoles were released on Mount Everest. Initially via Kickstarter, but later also on sale. Everest Max is a modular keyboard with an accessory without key, or tkl design, as a rule, a clickable number pad and Media Dock. Everest Core is a somewhat simpler full-size keyboard, optionally available as an abstract without keys and keycaps. A third keyboard has now been added to those models: File Mount Everest 60%

The name of the keyboard actually betrays its size a bit. 60% keyboard, with 63 keys in this case, is a very compact and increasingly popular format among Keyboard lovers† Of course you turn over the numpad, but the top row of function keys are also gone. Different manufacturers have different layouts, but Mountain chooses a set of arrows in the lower right corner, so the layout resembles a zip tkl board.

Keeping in mind the innovative and modular nature of the Mountain Everest Max, the Everest 60% also has a modular number plate, which you can attach to the left or right side of the 60% mark. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with its own keys with pbt keycaps. In addition to typical, the large size Claim to fame 60% of Everest but construction. The goal was to have a very quiet keyboard, Spoiler alertThis is busy.

The keyboard is available in different shapes, with or without a number pad and with three flavors of keys directly For sale across the mountain† Plus, you can choose from a large number of keycaps in popular color combinations. The basic keyboard, with only 60% off Everest, the keys of your choice and the standard black keycaps, costs 140 euros. The detachable number plate costs an additional 50 euros, so a total of 190 euros. If you want a set of pbt metal keycaps, it will cost €210 in total. We tested Mount Everest at 60% using the number pad and standard keycaps.

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