Will Marieke Elsinga leave Qmusic for this radio station?

Will Marieke Elsinga leave Qmusic for this radio station?

When you hear the name Marieke Elsinga (35), you immediately think of her radio show with Mattie Valk at Qmusic. But there are rumors that it may be coming to an end. Informed sources said that the announcer will soon announce her departure.

Former radio DJ and columnist Patrick Keiken column books Leave the trade magazine talk tube. Kicken himself has worked for Veronica Radio for years and shares the rumor he heard. He heard the story from Camp Talpa. Which is important, he says, because Talpa 538 and Qmusic (DPG Media) are rivals.

Did Marieke Elsinga leave Qmusic?

But the columnist’s story is interesting, because Elsinga might consider going to Radio 538. Kicken wrote that program director Dave Minneboo will have a role in this. He moved from Qmusic to 538 and reunited with rivals Mattie and Wietze for Radio 555. Elsinga worked that day with Coen Swijnenberg.

Kicken explains that it is difficult for Elsinga to combine her television work, which mainly takes place in the evenings, with a morning show on the radio. According to the columnist, an afternoon show could provide the possibilities.

Mate and Marieki to 538

Kicken’s predictions are not wrong. He states that Matty and Weitz will be working together again at Radio 538 in the morning. and that Elsinga joins Coen Swijnenberg. According to him, Swijnenberg’s current teammate, Sander Lantinga, needs a little rest due to his busy family situation.

It doesn’t all look good on Qmusic, but Kicken thinks the ball is rolling in that direction. According to him, Elsinga’s age and desire to have children also meant that a morning show and a television career could not be combined.

The struggle of Mattie Vale and Witz de Jäger

Mattie Valk and Wietze de Jager were listened to together again behind the radio microphone for the first time in five years. Bury the hatchet for radio 555He worked for several radio stations for the war in Ukraine. In 2017 I got The former radio duo is a struggle Because Falk, unbeknownst to De Jager, signed a contract with Qmusic.

Oops! Matty and Mariki slept on the Morning Show Qmusic

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Will Marieke Elsinga leave Qmusic for this radio station?

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