Maxim Hartmann Criticizes The Farmer On Reigns Talk Show: “You Have No Right To Be A Farmer” | show

Maxim Hartmann Criticizes The Farmer On Reigns Talk Show: "You Have No Right To Be A Farmer" |  show

633,000 people watched how Maxim Hartmann and dairy farmer Dolph Hiccup battled each other last night on Renzi Klammer’s new talk show. The men got into a discussion about the effect of nitrogen, after which Hartmann repeatedly stated that he believed farmers should accept the plans. “You have no right to be a farmer. Do you understand? Where did this idea come from?”

Farmer Dolph joined Renzi Clammer’s talk show yesterday to talk about the farmers’ protests. He did not support all the demonstrations, but he also said that there is no perspective. “Whatever we do, it continues. And I don’t necessarily agree with closing distribution centers, but yes, a good solution.”

Hartmann immediately saw an opportunity to follow the dairy farmer’s words. “You looked proud when you just saw those pictures. You say, ‘I don’t endorse it’, but you look at those pictures with a certain smile.” Dolph confirmed this to be true. “Yes, I think it is a good idea to do something in cultivation as a whole,” he replied. But has politics awakened? number!”

According to Hartmann, protest does not necessarily lead to something. , you can make yourself heard, but if the whole country is affected… how many farmers actually are? 53,000? How many are actually involved in those obstacles? How can an entire country be disrupted by 10,000 farmers? “

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Dairy farmer Dolph on the talk show Rains. © RTL


After former Secretary of State Fred Tiffen, who was also a guest, reached out to Hartmann and stated that his comments were “a bit exaggerated,” the discussion appeared to be over. But dairy farmer Dolph hasn’t finished the matter and made it clear that having a conversation is pointless. We have to talk, but we shouldn’t be messed about. Or at least: The plan shouldn’t be off the table at all.”

I mistook these words for Hartmann. “You say: These cultivators have to move on. But that is exactly the point, these cultivators are not allowed to continue. You have to accept that, you just need to retrain.” According to farmer Dolph, Hartmann had no idea what he was talking about. “If you dare say this, you don’t know what you’re saying. You talk about all our companies. We really don’t let that take us away! I’m a 100% farmer. I don’t know better than I wanted to be a farmer. And I don’t know better than to stay.” a farmer.”

Then Hartmann pointed out to the dairy farmer that “being a farmer is not a right.” ,,Do you understand? Where did this idea come from? Then Dolph stated that he had obtained permits. But those permits were rescinded. I don’t think you have the right to say: I am still a farmer and always will be a farmer. That is nonsense. If society says: We don’t need you as a farmer, you must stop. “

The dairy farmer replied that this is exactly why the parties could not reach an agreement. Ron Koenig, mayor of Deventer, made himself heard afterwards. The discussion cooled down, “I don’t think we should put it so hard against each other.”

Meanwhile, viewers fanatically tweeted on social media. Small overview.

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