Will Aaron Rodgers appear in the Chiefs-Jets game Sunday night?

Will Aaron Rodgers appear in the Chiefs-Jets game Sunday night?

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has not attended one of his team’s games since exiting after four snaps during the regular-season opener. Will he be back in the building Sunday night against the Jets?

He dropped a strong hint to that effect during an appearance on Tuesday with Pat McAfee.

Rodgers reportedly intends to return to the Jets as soon as he can walk. The team will benefit greatly from his presence. Players need to hear it live. It can help players calm down. He can help quarterback Zach Wilson focus on what needs to be done to win some games.

Rodgers seems like the voice of reason in this storm of confusion and frustration regarding the Jets. He should call Joe Namath and politely ask him to shut up. Rodgers must continue to say the things he said on Tuesday.

Players need not point fingers. They need to work together. They need to do their best to win every match, and after it’s over, they need to get ready for the next train plying on the tracks.

Let’s not assume they have no chance of beating the Chiefs on Sunday, especially if Rodgers is there to rally the troops. Anything can happen in any game, as the Cowboys found out Sunday in their loss to the Cardinals.

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