Widow Bibian Mintel thinks about the future with her new friend: “She sees no competition” | to watch

Widow Bibian Mintel thinks about the future with her new friend: “She sees no competition” |  to watch

Edwin Spee, Bibian Mintel’s widower, who passed away in March, is feeling happy again in “a lot of moments” thanks to his new girlfriend Mandy. He can talk to her well and doesn’t have to pretend that Bebyann “no longer exists” for him. “It’s so much fun and I hope it continues.”

That’s what he says Show news. It was announced last week that Spee had struck up a new relationship six months after the death of the former Paralympic champion. He said he suspected Bibien “sent” Mandy. Although he mainly thinks of his children in his vision for the future, he hopes that Mandy will be a part of it as well.

“When you’re in a relationship and you’re 18, you talk about the future differently than you did when you were 56,” Edwin said. , I’m like Bibian Kahn: carpe diem, he lives by day. As you know: many things can happen in your life that change the future again. We’re especially busy enjoying now and we’ll see what the future brings. But it is so much fun that I hope it will last a long time. Because I can talk to her really kindly and besides my sadness, I’m also very happy again for a few moments. And it feels so good to be happy.”


I think it’s so handsome and so cute especially that Mandy can do that and she doesn’t see any competition

Edwin Spee

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Edwin finds it impressive how Mandy handles her position as the “second” woman in his life, as a friend of hers recently described her. Because Spee still talks about Mentel every day, who would have turned 49 tomorrow.

‘I think it’s very smart and especially since it’s so good that she can do that and she doesn’t see any competition,'” he says of Mandy. , because Pep is no longer there. And she finds it – using her own words – so beautiful when someone still speaks of his wife with such respect and love. What a beautiful man then. So I can deal with that. I can only wish I could get a little more of that love too,” he says, speaking of Mandy.

And about herself: , I really like, of course, that I do not have to pretend that she is gone, because then it will be over very quickly.


Out of nowhere, Mandy came into my life a few weeks ago. From the first second it felt familiar

Edwin Spee

Mandy “entered life”

By the way, it was Spee unexpected To enter into a new relationship. He wrote earlier this week: “When death takes away the love of your life, a part of you dies and your heart is so broken that you think it can never be fixed.”

But: “Out of nowhere Mandy came into my life a few weeks ago. From the first second it seemed familiar and seemed to have been sent by you. (…]She will never be able to replace you, I will never forget you and I still miss you every day, but my heart dares to smile once again.

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Mandy was also a good clicker with his kids, and Edwin is sure Bebian would have loved it too. Your mother, my daughters, your son and your best friends are all so happy for me and yet sometimes I feel doubly so. (…) Go on my dear, I miss you very much, but I enjoy life. I will move, but I will take you with me forever.

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