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Roddelpraat uit de lucht gehaald

Report after report: Jan Ross and Dennis Scotten recently pissed off a lot of Dutch celebrities with their Gossip Talk. And now the program’s Instagram account is suddenly offline.

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On Friday, Jan Ross and Dennis Scotten were still in court against Famke Louise, as they published a breakup of her. Famke was furious and demanded that the episode be cancelled, corrected and €5,000 in damages. The gentlemen did not respond to this and were in court on Friday.

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On a later episode of Gossip Talk, Jan Roos stated that the article in Weekly Story about a TV presenter allegedly guilty of misconduct, related to Carlo Boszhard. Carlo said he was “stunned” at the ease with which his name was mentioned, and said he would report the crime.

Or is this the reason?

Now GossipPraat’s account has suddenly been taken offline by Instagram today. Whether this has anything to do with the above is unknown. “Instagram has taken the Gossip Talk channel offline. The reason is unknown,” Dennis said on Instagram Stories.

Looking at the latest messages that GossipPraat has sent online on Instagram, another exciting message has jumped. Gossip Talk reported that Geraldine Kemper is looking for a sexual partner. Does this statement play a role in taking the account offline?

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