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Halo Infinite campaign co-op mode will not be available on May 3rd as part of the Season 2 update. Developer 343 Industries now says that a “later in the season” mode is coming to the game. This season lasts until early August.

It is not yet clear when the co-op mode will be available. 343 Industries previously said it would be released alongside the Season 2 update, but that has now been delayed. “We aim to launch the co-op later in the season,” According to the studio

According to the developers, it will take more time to create a “full co-op experience” for four players in the “huge and wide open world” of Halo Infinite. The game will also get split-screen mode on all Xbox consoles and according to the studio that will also create “some big challenges” that take longer to solve.

343 Industries outlines what it has been working on lately and lists its priorities as: tackling critical issues, providing content for Season 2 and co-working, Forge mode and Season 3.

According to the developer, Forge mode is still planned for release along with the start of Season 3. Group Community Builders It is already testing this mode as players can create new game modes. In the short term, 343 Industries will continue to conduct private testing with Forge, in preparation for public testing later this year.

Conceptual image of two characters from “Lone Wolves” coming to Halo Infnite in Season 2

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