Lelystad airport opening increasingly uncertain: Nitrogen accounts rejected

Lelystad airport opening increasingly uncertain: Nitrogen accounts rejected

It’s all about the regulation of the so-called “PAS correspondents”. This scheme was once created for companies that emit very little nitrogen. Under this arrangement, it was easier for them to obtain the Nature Permit.

Lelystad Airport also felt that it could fall under this scheme and gave accounts for it. But one of the analyzes shows that these calculations are incorrect, and therefore the minister refuses the request.


Insiders in The Hague say the opening of Lelystad Airport, which has been postponed several times, is once again out of sight. Minister van der Waal will announce the decision later today.

In order to obtain the necessary nature permit, the airport must look for ways to compensate for the high nitrogen emissions. It is expected that this will only be possible by purchasing a large number of farmers, which is almost impossible in the short term.

Postpone again

Lelystad Airport is an issue that has dragged politically in The Hague for years. The airport in Flevopolder is meant to be a surplus airport for Schiphol, but it faces significant resistance from inside and outside politics.

The House of Representatives has yet to give the go-ahead for the airport’s opening.

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