US: No flyover zone and ignore Russian oil

US: No flyover zone and ignore Russian oil

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi have called for a ban on Russian oil imports from the no-fly zone. The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia is recruiting Syrian fighters to fight in Ukraine.

“According to US Secretary of State Anthony Plinken, the no-fly zone should not be crossed,” said US Postman John Postma. “According to him, it would be too bad for US planes to shoot down Russian planes to make this zone possible.” That’s why Polish Mix goes to Ukraine, Blingen comes forward to fill the polish products. Ukrainian pilots trained in the mix, Postma explains.

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Puts pressure on Poland

In a zoom call with members of the US Congress and Ukrainian President Zhelensky this weekend, Blinken reiterated that the United States wants to help Ukraine by supporting Poland. ‘Blingen also went to Poland and discussed this with the Polish government. The Poles have not yet said yes to the offer, and Blinken is trying to increase pressure on Poland to bring it to the meeting, “said Postma.

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Advice on a joint embargo on Russian oil imports

Meanwhile, Americans are exploring whether Russia can ban oil imports. A letter from Speaker Nancy Pelosi was released Sunday evening, prompting Democrats in the House of Representatives to consider whether the ban is possible. The United States is in talks with European allies to collectively impose sanctions on Russia. The White House is also cooperating with the investigation. However, Postma says both the House of Representatives and the White House should be wary of this possible ban.

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Oil production may rise in Saudi Arabia

“The price of gas in the United States is four dollars a gallon for the first time in a long time. They love it there.” There is now speculation in Washington that both Biden and Pelosi will go to Saudi Arabia in the spring to boost oil production, the Postma says.

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Russia appoints Syrians to war in Ukraine

‘The news in The Wall Street Journal was very significant. The newspaper writes that Russia is recruiting Syrians for the war against Ukraine. Postma explains that the war in Ukraine is targeting urban areas such as Kiev. The Russian logic behind this is that Syrian militants have the experience of fighting in the big cities because of the ten-year-old civil war.

The newspaper writes that Russia is trying to lure Syrians to Ukraine through the Syrian news site. The news site reports that every Syrian fighter gets 200 to 300 to fight in Ukraine. According to Postma, the Syrians have already trained in Russia and may soon train in Ukraine as well.

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