Omtzigt: Rutte kicked out of Mina Keijzer in violation of the rules | Policy

Omtzigt: Rutte kicked out of Mina Keijzer in violation of the rules |  Policy

Saturday’s dismissal of CDA Secretary of State Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate), Mark Root, goes against the Cabinet’s bylaws. Something like this only fits the presidential system. That’s says former Christian Democrat Peter Umtzigt, who now forms a one-man faction in the House of Representatives.

It seems that the prime minister can pick up the phone and dismiss ministers and ministers of state without a decision from the cabinet. Alone by phone. “But that’s weird,” Umtzigt said in a tweet. “The regulations are clear: for the prime minister to propose a resignation, but it is up to the cabinet to deliberate and decide. So that did not happen.”

According to the Government Information Service (RVD) on Saturday, Rota ‘with the approval of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate, and after consultation with the three Deputy Prime Ministers appointed Kejzer for removal, with immediate effect. King Willem-Alexander subsequently dismissed the outgoing Secretary of State “in the most honorable manner”.

collision course

On Saturday, Prime Minister Keijizer sacked because she expressed reservations about the introduction of the Corona Card. This was a mistake with the government. “It’s a rash act,” a coalition source said.

In the past year, the Secretary of State has often indicated that he is not satisfied with the anti-corona measures that have hit the business community hard. But in the end, she always continued to publicly support cabinet policy.


He did not yet know what the Keizer would do. She has not yet responded to her resignation. Her party is also silent. Keijzer was elected for the CDA to the House of Representatives. Party leader Wopke Hoekstra says he regrets the course of events.

Keijiser entered the House of Representatives in 2012, after surprisingly placing second behind Sibrandt Puma in the party leader’s election. Then she took charge of heavy purse care in the collection.

In 2017, she became Secretary of State in the Rutte III government of VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie. It is unique that she was dismissed by the Prime Minister. The last time this happened was in 1975. Then D66 Secretary of State Jan Glastra van Loon was expelled from justice after a quarrel with his minister Dries van Agt.

Kegeeser’s resignation signifies the departure of an eleventh minister from Ruti’s third government.

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