Why should you keep a hotel shoe safe while on vacation

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After all, you can’t leave the house without shoes on both feet.

Safe hotel

Are you planning to stay in a hotel during your vacation? Then this tip might be something for you. You may have noticed that most hotel rooms have a safe. You might already use such a safe for your valuables as standard. It’s a great way to secure your professional camera, expensive jewelry, and extra plates.

Out of sight of a potential thief, but unfortunately out of your sight, too. Several hotel employees share on TikTok that people often forget to empty their lockers. One wrote: “The guest again went back to open the safe himself.”


To prevent you from forgetting your valuable belongings, the hotel staff shares that it is best to put one of your shoes in the safe. This way you can make sure the safe is emptied before you leave. Whether you’re wearing a pair on the way back or packing them in your suitcase. If you are holding one shoe, you will automatically start looking for the other.

People’s reactions to TikTok are mixed. Where one thinks it’s a smart idea, the other thinks you can still forget a shoe. The person below the video responds: “I think it’s best to put something in the safe so you can get to it more quickly, like AirPods.”

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