Why did the US not intervene in Ukraine? “China is a big competitor, not Russia”

Why did the US not intervene in Ukraine?  "China is a big competitor, not Russia"

Poland wants a peace mission under the NATO flag, and many countries are supplying arms to Ukraine, but the United States is relatively quiet. The country has always had a role in previous conflicts in the world.

For example, despite the fabricated evidence of US invasion of Iraq and the initiative of Americans in other countries to fight it during the war in Ukraine, this is not currently the case.

Small economy

Obviously, the country does not want to be the trigger for a possible situation that could involve you in World War III. But according to Paul Verhagen, an American expert at the Hague Center for Strategic Studies, China also plays a role.

“Russia is not economically important to the Americans. It is a country with an economy the size of Canada. It is especially difficult for Russia to have nuclear weapons. But politically, the United States continues to be more interested. Be China.”

‘War is useful’

Thus, Verhaegan makes a direct connection between the US troops who left Afghanistan last summer and China’s role. “U.S. troops are actually heading for the South China Sea.”

“The United States now has an important strategic component; China, Asia. In fact, this war with Russia and Ukraine is now an unexpected event that will benefit the United States.”

2 percent NATO standard

What Verhaegan means by this is that European countries are increasing their defense budgets as a whole. In many cases, the NATO standard of 2 percent of GDP is achieved. That money goes to security.

“Even Germany, which until recently had a very quiet position, is now fully engaged.” This war is a spectacular development that has taken Europeans out of their post-Cold War pacifism. “In doing so, the United States sees the emergence of a Europe that can defend itself in future conflicts.” Focus more on Asia. “

Impossible condition

This is good news for Americans. Because they are not waiting to engage in a war again. “As a leader you can benefit politically from this, and everyone will suddenly fall behind the leader of the country.”

“But it can also work against you. As with Vietnam and Afghanistan or Iraq, when coffins with American soldiers come to the United States, support for the war drops very quickly.”

Concerns about the nuclear war

“It’s a powerful film, the question of what you’re suddenly doing as president. You can not back down suddenly when you send troops, but you do not want to increase it. It’s really an impossible situation that they did not do.

“No matter how small the chance, you have to worry about it: a possible nuclear war. That’s why we see everything that happens about arms distribution or potential distribution now happening openly. Generally you say: do it in secret.” But the real message is this: this is what we (Western nations, et al.) Are going to do, so do not think about it (Russia, ed.). “

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