Big victory for the SPD in Saarland, against German conservatives | Abroad

Big victory for the SPD in Saarland, against German conservatives |  Abroad

The Social Democrats received about 44 percent of the vote, nearly enough to rule with an absolute majority. The local SPD led by Anke Rellinger, who is likely to become prime minister, managed to get nearly 15 percent. This led to continued chants of her electoral party in Saarbrücken.

Prime Minister Tobias Hans, who lost his post, had to be examined. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lost nearly 13 percent of the vote to 28.5 percent. With 4.9 and 4.8 percent of the vote respectively, the Greens and the FDP did not reach the electoral threshold and thus did not enter the Diet.

The National Alternative for Germany party succeeded. The party lost slightly and rose by 5.5 percent. Die Linke, who was out of Parliament, scored the lowest, especially since her former prime minister, Oskar Lafontaine, who had previously worked as a treasury keeper in Berlin, angrily left his Socialist Party a week ago.

For neo-conservative party chief and opposition leader Frederick Mers, the vote in Saarland is a disaster, the “star de Sar,” according to critics. Former chancellor Angela Merkel’s opponent had just conquered the CDU, but he had yet to turn into a populist driving slate. During the war in Ukraine, the Germans rewarded the ruling Social Democratic Party with additional votes.

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