Who will dress up as a koala in The Masked Singer 2023?

Who will dress up as a koala in The Masked Singer 2023?

Are you also curious about who dressed up as a hippopotamus, walrus, or one of the other characters?

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Hints and guides about koalas

Based on the first photos of a koala, we assume we are dealing with a traveling species. From tickets to London, Sydney and France to Los Angeles: sitting still is not an option for this beautiful animal. Add to that the camera, cool green sunglasses, and briefcase, and some names might come to mind. For example, from someone who participated in The perfect picture.

In the second episode, he also noted that he participated as a “real islander.” Expedition Robinson. Plus, this lovable toy sets her alarm very early, loves sports, and enjoys American cookies. Finally, the clearly visible soap was also eye-catching. Do we know koalas from the TV series?

However, we know for sure that this celebrity is not a professional singer, as he answered the jury’s question.

©William Wroten/Rob Jacobs

The Masked Singer 2023 – Episode 2

Who is the koala in The Masked Singer 2023?

We could name a few names here, but it’s interesting to see what exactly the audience thinks. Names like Kaj Gorgels, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Paskal Jakobsen and Kenny B are heard.

The Masked Singer It can be watched again weekly at 8:00pm on RTL4 since Friday, November 10, 2023.

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