Family and friends say goodbye to Paulusma’s house | Homepage

Family and friends say goodbye to Paulusma's house |  Homepage

Relatives, friends and colleagues are at Frisian Marsum this morning to say goodbye to Piet Paulusma. The meteorologist’s funeral will be held there in private.

the audience has yesterday Already able to say goodbye to the Frisian weatherman. People from all over the country traveled to Harlingen to give Paulusma the last salute.

The Meteorologist passed away last Sunday at the age of 65 from the effects of cancer. Pete had been suffering from cancer for some time, which he did not want to publish, Share Owner Omroep Max after Paul’s death. “We are grateful to Pete for all he has done for us and we wish the relatives a lot of strength.”

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Photo of the atmosphere of the funeral home of Bolsma in the Farewell Center.

Photo of the atmosphere of the funeral home of Bolsma in the Farewell Center. © ANP

Sun rays

Yesterday, the folks at Entrepotgebouw in Harlingen were able to send their last greetings to the beloved TV face from 12:00 to 17:00. ‘Everything is open, beautiful towards the sea,’ said funeral director Casper van Veen. Through one of the windows, the sun’s rays descend directly on the ark of the weatherman. “It just doesn’t get any better than this. It’s as if Pete is still controlling the weather himself.”

Paulusma’s former lawyer, Hans Anker, called the farewell “particularly impressive”. Little did he know that Bolsma, whom he described as “accessible, friendly, and accessible,” was ill. Mayor of Harlingen and Jan Slagter, director of Omroep Max and Paulusma’s last employer, were also present early on.


A Frisian who grew up in the village of Tsum, He started his career As a weather forecaster in 1985 in Omrup Friesland, first on the radio and later on daily television. “In my spare time and in Omrop Friesland I made weather forecasts,” he said earlier.

My departure was in the winter of 1995/1996. Where colleagues counted on thawing, I expected severe frosts. Soon an eleven-city fever arose and I was appointed as a chancellor by De Friesche Elf Steden, the association that organizes the Elfstedentocht.” The travels eventually did not come. A year later, Piet started at SBS6 and there was the Elfstedentocht.

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