What a market and sit on the edge of your seat again

Wat een markt en gaat u maar weer op het puntje van uw stoel zitten

cute huh? This is what makes the stock market so great. Last month, we were pulled down hard by the slightly disappointing US inflation number. Yesterday we did that for a while, and then we shot again. And so we are never sure of anything in the market, except that the payoff is not without risk and the higher the risk, the higher the payoff.

There are no other laws. For example, how much tuition fees do you already have buy dip Pay? Things went well for ten years. Anyway, the AEX index is +1.3%. Did we see the bottom? I don’t think so, but there may be a cooling in the market finally, which indicates that we are headed in that direction.

  • European futures open a little higher than AEX future, it’s not the technology that lags behind, is it?
  • US futures do not indicate this, they are now all +0.5% to +0.6%. However, the Dow and the S&P 500 in New York yesterday were faster than the Nasdaq 100
  • It’s also a party in Asia, all major markets have two and even three before the decimal point
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is -4.9% at 31.9
  • The dollar settled at 0.9779
  • Gold and Oil Show Small Positives, Cryptocurrency Over 2% Higher

The bond market is being cautious about buying something, causing interest rates to fall.

Don’t forget that AEX set a new annual floor during today’s lively yesterday with a score of 611.74 points. noticeable? We have (ten-year interest rates do not set a new peak). You might be looking for spikes at low tide, but one day that near-perfect correlation will shatter, so look for signs.

This was my PC yesterday. This senseless slander was starting to sound like something. Just as there was price crap during the top of a bull market, so too in and around the bottoms. The question is whether it can be crazier with shredders, but don’t underestimate transcend. The next sector is now cyclical in principle.

The future of AEX rose further yesterday after the Amsterdam lockout. What a trading day.

Another picture, there is already a whistle in analyst earnings forecasts for AEX. How I hope I’m wrong and that it doesn’t happen at all, but stagnates (profit) to belong for landing. What I’m afraid of is that we’re only pricing in low interest rates and not sluggish yet.

In the meantime, there are figures for TomTom’s third quarter and look, that’s a different thing for once: the company increases (yes, we’re not used to that) sales forecast: to €505 to €520 million, from €470 to €510 million. The numbers were also better than expected on key points.

News, tips and short agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam closed yesterday.

  • 08:06 Stock market outlook: Deutsche Bank puts Philips on the sell list
  • 08:05 AEX is expected to start sharply higher after the roller coaster ride
  • 07:50 Market view: Berenberg ASMI lowers price target
  • 07:41 Stock market view: Berenberg sharply cuts ASML price target
  • 07:24 Better-than-expected revenue from TomTom leads to an increase in expectations
  • 07:04 Strong recovery expected in European stock markets
  • 06:58 Chinese producer prices are rising at a slower rate again
  • 06:57 Chinese inflation rises slightly less than expected
  • 06:54 Exhibition Agenda: Foreign Funds
  • 06:54 Stock Market Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:53 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • October 13, Wall Street quickly got rid of interest rate concerns
  • October 13th stock update: AEX on Wall Street
  • October 13 high oil prices
  • October 13 Wall Street is trading at a noticeable rise
  • October 13 European stocks are still higher after a choppy session
  • October 13 CSC gets the green light for the Cayman Islands to acquire Intertrust

Analyst advice:

ASML: to €615 from €815 (purchase) – Berenberg
ASMI: to € 320 from € 340 (purchase) – Berenberg
Philips: for sale from waiting up to 11 euros from 18 euros – Deutsche Bank

AFM reports this shorts:

Agenda with major US banks with Q3s. These generally don’t affect the broader market, but we’re very curious about the outlook, judgments, and perspective on the economy. Also pay attention to US retail sales and general sentiment.

07:00 Tom Tom – Third Quarter Numbers

03:30 Inflation – September (CHI)
04:00 Trade Balance – September (CHI)
08:45 Inflation – September (differences)
11:00 Trade Balance – August (EUR)
14:30 Retail Sales – September (US)
14:30 Import Prices – September (US)
16:00 Michigan Consumer Confidence – October vlpg (US)
16:00 Company Stock – August (US)

13:00 Citigroup – US Q3 numbers
13:00 JPMorgan Chase – US Q3 numbers
13:00 Morgan Stanley – Q3 numbers (US)
13:00 Wells Fargo – US Q3 numbers

then this

In fact, Amazing:

It’s a bear market and the trends are down, let’s say:

As of Sunday is China’s five-year party congress, and everything and everyone is assuming President Xi Jinping will get a third term.

What was it all about yesterday?


From the wonders of 2022? Consumer confidence is shattered, but spending is unstoppable:

This is also 2022, have we all been chasing green kettle music so much? Investing is about cash flow, not goodwill:

Or if it is clear how much the Fed increases and other central banks continue to dump quarters?

we will:

Enjoy and good luck today.

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