ASML is again a victim of US sanctions on China

ASML is again a victim of US sanctions on China

The US further restricts ASML’s freedom of trade. The Americans have created regulations that prevent ASML’s American employees from working with Chinese clients.

This was stated in an internal ASML memo that appeared on social media.

“The U.S. government has enacted several new regulations prohibiting the provision of support to certain factories in China. As a result, US-based ASML employees — including U.S. citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals residing in the United States — are prohibited from providing certain services to Chinese factories,” the memo said.

“Starting tonight, US ASML employees must refrain from directly or indirectly providing service, shipping or support to any customer in China until further notice. ASML is actively investigating which industries are affected by these restrictions,” the memo concludes.


This memo to ASML Studio040 is of concern to internal ASML communications, but is not intended to be published. “As we are exploring new restrictions on export controls, we are taking precautions to ensure full compliance with the new regulations,” it said.

“As mentioned, we will come out with further instructions once we complete the investigation. We cannot say more at this time,” ASML said.


This is not the first time that Veldovan’s activities have been controlled by US intervention. Earlier announced a Syrian engineer He was not allowed to work in the company because of his appearance, while A Iranian engineer Missed out on a job at ASML based on her nationality.

The U.S. is lifting sanctions against Syria and Iran as the two countries clash on the world stage. The strange thing is that both engineers were allowed to work in American companies.

Soldier in power struggle

ASML is not allowed to supply its latest chip machines to Chinese customers. ASML is a huge leader in the development of chip machines. The company is therefore an important pawn for the US in its geopolitical power struggle with China, which is becoming increasingly rich and powerful in America’s eyes.

So it is not yet clear what the consequences of the new US regulations will be. ASML is yet to say how many of its employees will be affected by the new regulations and what the consequences will be for business operations. How US Sanctions Affect Global Chip Manufacturing – All necessary deficits are presentIt is also not clear.


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