Rachel Hazes looks back on wedding day: “Why did you get married so quickly?”

Rachel Hazes looks back on wedding day: "Why did you get married so quickly?"

Honey, we have been married today for 31 years. People sometimes ask me if I have any questions for you at all and I always say “No, no one”. Because I know better than anyone how you were thinking and how you were going to handle everything, I started.

However, something is surfacing in Rachel’s mind. Only this week I discovered the question I would like to ask you. In hindsight, we got married ridiculously fast. We got back together forever in January 1991 and got married on October 14, 1991, exactly 9 months later. What I would like to ask you, my love, is why did you want to get married so soon…”

The wedding is a big party. I arranged our wedding and I was not allowed to interfere. We laughed so hard together about our wedding card. There is no longer a bourgeoisie, but that suits us well too.

Rachel couldn’t have asked for a better man. “When I look at my life with you, it somehow brings a smile to my face. Because despite the fact that we have known high peaks and deep valleys together, my life with you will always be a party. Just for this sentence to you, for example: “Don’t forget the beautiful days. Because yes Dré, despite the fact that we also mourn together, we laughed with each other uncontrollably most of the time.

Rachel still misses her Andre every day. If only we could laugh together again, my love, tears would roll down our cheeks again. I can also bring your beautiful smile into my mind dear. I’ll look up at the stars again, just like every evening, give you those winks again and congratulate you on our wedding day! “

Rachel does not have a warm relationship with everyone, and neither does Rob Goossens. You can see more about that in the video below.

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