Wende Snijders plays an important role in the development of the S10 | stars

Wende Snijders plays an important role in the development of the S10 |  stars

“They are primarily two people who see a lot and celebrate who I am. This is very important to me,” says S10, who will play in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday. “They also taught me a lot to do, but also to be there. Because if you were already there, you might as well be there. This is something I have never done until now.”

She explains that the S10 sometimes “flyed” during its performance. “Then I stand on stage and think of a thousand other things, but I never thought of what to sing or what I said. I flew away as fast as I could, because at that time I didn’t have to be there.” Snijders, who became a kind of guide for the S10, and Van Ransbeek also changed this.


“I take myself more seriously now. Then a lot depends, and then I do something too,” says S10. According to her, he promises something for her concerts after the Eurovision Song Contest. “In recent years, I’ve been able to touch people without being there, so it seems to me that it’s very interesting to see what happens when I’m there.”

According to S10, Snijders can be strict. “But in a loving way. She can literally see in my eyes whether you’re there or not. Then she can really say, ‘No, you’re not here now’ or ‘No, you’re pretending.’ I think it’s very special that you can see that.” inside of me “.

Snijders has not traveled to Turin, but Van Ransbeek has been appointed by AVROTROS as creative supervisor. He came up with the concept of action with the S10 and is overseeing the creative process. It is a huge support for the singer during the Eurovision Song Contest. “With Wouter, I just advocate a lot for the performance. After rehearsals, we also visited each other and looked where things could be improved. It really is a great support for me.”

S10 says in the last episode of the podcast that this bare belly is conscious Eurovision fever

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