Minister Harpers: You shouldn’t get out of hand again at Schiphol this summer

Minister Harpers: You shouldn't get out of hand again at Schiphol this summer

“Good conditions that take into account how hard it is to work”

According to Harpers, it’s primarily about ensuring that there are enough staff at the airport. “Good work is necessary for people to enjoy coming to work here,” the minister stressed.

“That means you have to look carefully at what you’re hiring and whether it’s on realistic terms.” He wants Schiphol “to do everything in his power to ensure that people can work there under good conditions”. It must be taken into account how difficult the work sometimes is.


The best man in the airport showed his pinshop this week apologies for the situation. Then he also announced that he wanted to pay better salaries to the employees.

To reduce crowds expected this weekend, six flights have been left he moved To Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Schiphol announced earlier today that it is “going well”. It is especially busy in the arrival halls, where returning vacationers arrive.

Small country with big foreign countries

Harpers emphasizes that Schiphol is owned by the government, that the situation at the airport is important for the Netherlands and that the airport government is asking to arrange a “core product” as soon as possible: “We are a small country with a big foreign country. We cannot afford to have the aviation system of the largest airport in a state of Chaos for a long time.”

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