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I think Sony has already made it clear what MS does, they don’t want to do it.

The difference between these two companies is that one of them clearly has a thick piggy bank hanging on the spit. Nintendo doesn’t take part in this competition either, they obviously don’t or don’t care much about it, and now Sony is simply merging PS Now with PS+

Currently, MS generously allows you to get Game Pass Ultimate in various ways, let’s call it cheap. I just suspect that the people who have stacked Gold to Ultimate for 1 to 13 euros are a little too much in secret. As a publisher, you won’t be doing this forever.

So I also think these two brands will soon be on equal footing in terms of what a subscription will offer. As a player, you would have hoped that there would be different games on different subscriptions so that you could play a lot for ‘little’.

It has nothing to do with not taking their product seriously, Sony is clearly choosing that they want to make money and MS could be better financially when putting a product on the market even at a loss – look at Amazon’s tactics – now the most important thing: I don’t see what the gaming community will do with Sony/MS/Nintendo’s disappearance underwater. In the end, I don’t think anything is good if you look purely at the final price.
Nintendo doesn’t get much into like an all-you-can-eat netflix subscription, and Sony will suck the water at most next month, because not much has changed in terms of content except that you’ll pay a little bit more if you choose the most expensive subscription. Although you will most likely be able to bring this back to the old level with various promotions/discounts at retailers.

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