‘We will always miss you’

'We will always miss you'

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Britons gathered at Kensington Palace today to commemorate the death of Princess Diana, exactly 25 years ago. Pictures of the princess were hung and flowers were placed in front of the fence of her former home.

Some grieving Brits have come a long way. For example, 59-year-old Julie Kane traveled nearly 500 kilometers to commemorate Diana in London today. “We want to preserve her legacy for as long as possible,” the North English man told the Associated Press news agency. “So we came to remember her and talk about the things she did. To let people know we’ll never forget the princess.”

These Britons at the palace gate say it is still missing every day:

We miss Princess Diana every day: ‘She must not be forgotten’

The death of the famous British princess was also commemorated in Paris, as Diana died in a car accident in 1997. On the bridge over the tunnel where the accident occurred, people left letters and flowers.

“25 years ago already,” reads one of the cards placed on the flame of freedom, a monument in Pont d’Alma, which has become an unofficial monument to Diana.

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People put cards and flowers in Paris

Diana’s death was also commemorated on social media. Singer Elton John posted a picture of him and the British Princess. “We will always miss you,” he wrote. Diana and Elton John have been good friends for many years. The singer also performed at the funeral.

25 years after the death of Lady Di, Princess of the People

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