We are going on vacation and don’t worry about Corona

We are going on vacation and don't worry about Corona

Three out of four Dutch people are taking a summer vacation this year and Germany, France, Spain and Italy are especially popular. But many people have no idea about the potential corona measures in the destination country. This stems from a representative survey conducted by I&O Research among more than 2,000 Dutch people.

In some countries, corona measures are still in place. This is how in France And the Portugal You are required to have a certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing upon entry. This proof is also mandatory if you are admitted to hospital.

Slightly more than half of the respondents said they know the rules for corona that apply in the holiday country. The rest doubt that any measures might or might not exist, or have no idea at all.

Of the people who go to France, 11 percent know that some regulations apply. For Portugal this is a third.


According to researcher Asher van der Schelde, we’re looking to travel abroad differently this year. Last summer a lot of people went on vacation back home. Summer also started with corona peak

“Last July, half of the Dutch thought it irresponsible to travel on vacation abroad. Now that’s only 9 per cent. People are traveling abroad again, whether it’s Corona or not,” van der Schelde says.

Most people go by car. 41% took the plane.

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