Apple Store workers in the United States form a union

Apple Store workers in the United States form a union

The store is located in Dawson, Maryland. Of the 110 employees, 65 voted in favor and 33 against. The group of workers campaigning for the formation demands pay, working hours and security measures. They teamed up under the name Applecore.

Snowball effect

The mood was a major setback for the parent company. The efforts made before the workers’ union came to fruition. According to the American news channel NBC, the polls could have a snowball effect: stores in Louisville (Kentucky) and Nashville (Tennessee) have also announced ballots.

After learning that the Dawson branch was organizing the referendum, HR chairman Deitre O’Brien visited. According to O’Brien, forming a union makes it very difficult for Apple to respond to employees’ concerns and preferences. That visit was in vain.

Broadcast live by the federal agency that oversees the turnout. Employees want to join the International Union of Machinists and Astronauts (IAM).

Amazon and Starbucks

The decision in Dawson could have long-term consequences for other technology companies and large companies in the United States. On Amazon, workers at a New York warehouse voted to form a union in April. However, the group’s management is pushing for a new referendum. Starbucks employees also want to unite.

Apple declined to comment in a poll in Downtown.

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