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A South Korean software developer has obtained a tombstone made for a 27-year-old browser in honor of the “death” of Internet Explorer. However, the inscription on this tombstone betrays not entirely positive feelings, which many coaches will share with him.

It was a good tool for downloading other browsers,” Jung Ki-young said. A logical farewell: In terms of the share of Tweakers users, Mozilla Firefox surpassed the blue E number in 2009. IE slipped back to third place in the ranking when Chrome also overtook it in 2011. Incidentally, Chrome also took the lead from Firefox a year later. In 2018, the percentage of IP users fell below five percent.

Jung Ki-young placed the grave marker at his brother’s cafe in Gyeongju City. Reuters writes that the monument is attracting a lot of attention there. Ki-young herself has mixed feelings about the browser, tell Reuters† On the one hand, he worked with him for a long time, and on the other hand there was a lot of work for him to keep websites working in the old browser that many companies and government agencies have been using for a very long time.

Microsoft is last Wednesday Too much stop Support for Internet Explorer 11. Redmond has discontinued support for systems running Windows 10 20H2 and later versions of this operating system. On some server versions, legacy operating systems, and software with long-term support, IE will continue to be supported. These are Windows 8.1, Windows 7 with Extended Security Updates, Windows Server LTSC, Windows Server 2022, Windows 10 LTSC, and Windows 10 IoT LTSC. Edge also has IE mode until 2029.

Tino Zijdel, developer of Tweakers, wrote a letter marking leaving IP behind History story About “The Hate and the Beloved Blue E”; He clearly shares the sentiments of this South Korean.

Photo: Jung Ki Young via Reuters

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