Waymo partners with Geely to develop new EV – Picture and Sound – News

Better go to Fiat Multipla.

Self-centered thinking, such as @b2 صديق friend Even if the design doesn’t matter u Choose to buy.

He simply fact Since the design has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it is an EV, the design was chosen on purely psychological grounds to create social support for self-driving cars.

There is a two-lane highway (maximum speed 100) with Italian/Albanian crash barriers (1.20 meters high, you know), the bumper is interrupted by 1 meter to cross the zebra. Cross the road and go, on both sides a huge concrete block is located next to the road, which blocks the entrance / exit of the zebra. You should stay on one side of the road.

On side 1, the Multipla comes towards you, on side 2 from the other direction, Dodge RAM with urine rod with red liquid and deer half horns still attached; They drive at an equal speed. Which side of the road do you choose?

On the side of Road 1, a Tesla pickup truck, 2 ton stainless steel with Level 2 ADAS at most, approaches you; Sold incorrectly and erroneously as “autopilot” to the customer inside. On the side of Road 2, Waymo comes towards you, level 4. Which side of the road do you choose?

In other words, design is not about you even you Not She is the owner but who is there Not in sitting.

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