American airlines want to postpone 5G usage

American airlines want to postpone 5G usage

Friday, December 31, 2021 07:34

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New York (AB / Bloomberg) – The American Airlines Chamber of Commerce has filed an urgent petition with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to delay the launch of new 5G telecommunications services near airports. According to Airlines for America, which represents the top ten carriers in the United States, the deployment of the 5G network will disrupt flights.

The trade union said more time was needed to resolve the dispute. Newark Liberty in New Jersey, John F. in New York. He has called on regulators to delay the use of 5G near dozens of international airports, including Kennedy and George Bush airports in Houston.

Air Disruptions

Airlines say the new wireless signals could disrupt the altitude of aircraft and equipment on helicopters. This makes it impossible to land in poor view and can cause a flurry of delays, diversions and cancellations. Airlines in the United States fear $ 51 billion in plane crashes due to 5G-related problems.

Telecommunications companies, which have paid a total of $ 81 billion for the frequency rights of the 5G network, claim that 5G signals are adequately separated from the frequencies used by the altimeters and operate at a secure level. The FCC has authorized telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon Communications to provide 5G services in the United States from January 5.

CTIA, an industry association of which telecommunications providers AT&T and Verizon are members, says 5G operates safely in almost 40 countries and does not harm aviation operations in these countries. “Despite unsubstantiated claims, the Department of Telecommunications continues to work in good faith with the aviation industry, the FAA and the FCC, and is confident that a positive solution can be reached,” the CTIA said in a statement.

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