Watch the numbers today from the inside breakdown: So sad your show summary

Watch the numbers today from the inside breakdown: So sad your show summary

indoors today Recently a little longer on Friday: 1.5 hours. But that turned out to be a bit too much to demand from viewers, who would like to go into their weekend with an easier-to-understand show. Viewing numbers are dropping sharply.

The sixth broadcast is usually close to 1 million viewers. The longest Friday premiere was good for 935,000 viewers. On Friday, April 14, 2023, it drew just 750,000 viewers.

small drop
Reminds format connoisseur Tina Nijkamp (former chief broadcaster of SBS 6) Mediacurrant “Big drop”.

Screenplay by Eva Genk
She refers to what happened to Eva Jenk on her talk show. When things stretched out to an hour and 45 minutes, her ratings went through the bathtub.

She gave VI some tips: Don’t be as boring as Ab Osterhaus, dump the week summary and maybe start again at 9:09pm and not at 8:58pm.

very sad
says debate expert Lars Duersma on the podcast communicados That longer broadcasts are actually no longer in terms of content. Because of all these gimmicks (recap, music, extra commercial break) there isn’t much bonus content left.

He is stern: “Isn’t it sad to fill your broadcasts with a bunch of your own show?”

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