Lidl is stunted by using an inexpensive smart TV from the legendary GSM brand

Lidl is stunted by using an inexpensive smart TV from the legendary GSM brand

We couldn’t believe our eyes at this lowest bargain price. Is this the best price-quality smart TV you can buy right now? Thanks to Lidl, nostalgia has never been within everyone’s reach.

We don’t expect Lidl’s warehouse to be full for long. Not only is it a beast of a smart TV, but it’s also the most nostalgic GSM brand ever, which is back in a big way. This is the incredibly affordable 50-inch high-quality Nokia Smart TV, or an impressive 127cm crystal-clear picture.

Nokia Ultra HD Smart TV 50″

Or how about a 4K Ultra HD display with high dynamic range for the best streak and gaming fun? 3840 x 2160 pixels seamlessly packed with the best mini-series Netflix has to offer. It’s best to connect your Google Chromecast to an affordable Action device for wireless viewing pleasure. But in the case of the Nokia Smart TV from Lidl, the practical device is already built in.

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(photo: Nokia)

The Nokia Lidl gem comes with Bluetooth connectivity optimized for game consoles, external speakers, and other wireless devices. Together with 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports, you will never be short of connectivity options.

For sale in Lidl

Out of four initial reviews, Smart TV scored all five stars on your favorite discount series’ website (we’re sorry Action, Lidl now has the advantage). The remote control lights up to make it easy to find the pause button while watching a movie. But thanks Voice control Of the built-in Google Assistant too, it’s an unnecessary but nice luxury.

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We challenge you to find a better and bigger Smart TV from a popular brand like Nokia for the same lower price. You can currently buy Smart TV in advance from the Lidl webshop 499 euros. Our country is already on its way.

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