VWS: ‘Dancing with Janssen’ is due to summer vacation, not intermittent cooling | interior

VWS: 'Dancing with Janssen' is due to summer vacation, not intermittent cooling |  interior

Thursday evening radio reports that at the beginning of June, a shipment of vaccines was threatened with corruption due to a refrigeration malfunction, and therefore it was decided to give them to young people. This way, vaccinations will not be in vain. Young people were more convinced of the possibility of being able to get out again immediately, according to the publicist. On June 26, the nightlife reopened with admission tickets.

But there is no link between intermittent cooling and “dancing with Janssen,” says a VWS spokeswoman. According to her, in early June there was already a malfunction in the refrigerator in which about 1,200 vaccines were stored. But the opening of the nightlife with tickets wasn’t until June 26th. Vaccines that are not refrigerated cannot be kept for long, according to the spokesperson. The choice was made mainly because the holidays were approaching and the Cabinet was concerned that young people would fall ill.

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According to the spokeswoman, the vaccines from the broken refrigerator were not lost. GGD where the vaccines are stored made an appeal on social media for the shot. According to a VWS spokesperson, this included young people, but also the elderly. At the time, young people could immediately get a so-called “green tick” on the CoronaCheck app, where they were allowed to go to catering at night. Janssen only needs one shot. After each (complete) vaccination, the green tick was immediately available.

This was reversed on July 10, after the opening of the nightlife with tickets spread the infection. Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Anti-Coronavirus Minister Hugo de Jong later apologized for a “miscalculation”.

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