Corona virus infection is officially the deadliest epidemic in recent history in the United States

In the United States (US), 675,000 people have already died due to Govt-19. That’s more than the Spanish flu of 1918. This makes the corona epidemic the deadliest epidemic in recent American history.

The number of corona deaths recorded in the United States rose to 675,000 on Monday, adding 1,900 deaths daily, according to Johns Hopkins data. The country is currently facing a new wave of epidemics. Delta variant of the culprit virus.

The worst epidemic in recent history

The 1918 flu killed 675,000 Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It has been considered the deadliest epidemic in America to date in recent history.

“I think we’re done with the historical comparisons now,” Dr. said. Howard Markle, a physician and medical historian at the University of Michigan, said: CNBC. In his view, we should no longer look to 1918 as a guide to how to deal with the epidemic. “It’s important that we look forward now,” the doctor said. “It’s an epidemic that I study and educate next-generation physicians and public health students.”

Merkel said a direct comparison between the source numbers of various epidemics should be “put into context, considering the enormous technological, medical, social and cultural advances of the last century.” “It’s important to consider the population when we talk about explosions or disasters,” he said.

Differences with Spanish Fever

For example, in 1918, the population of the United States was less than a third of today’s population, with 103 million people living in the United States “before the roar of the Twentieth”. Today, nearly 330 million people live in the United States. That means the 1918 flu killed one in 150 Americans. By comparison, Corona has killed one in 500 Americans so far.

Moreover, many experts insist that the epidemic of 1918 killed people in a different way. During World War I, there was a large movement of men throughout the United States and Europe. When the corona virus is particularly severe in the elderly and those with basic health conditions, Spanish flu is uncommon because it kills many young people.

Spanish flu continues to be deadly around the world

Worldwide, the 1918 flu killed more than 20 million to 50 million people, according to the World Health Organization. Data from Johns Hopkins shows that Govt has killed about 4.7 million people worldwide so far.

Also, in 1918 there was no vaccine against the virus. That is the situation today. In addition, the health systems of the day are not strong institutions today. To make matters worse, there were no antibiotics, intensive care units, ventilators or IV fluids decades ago.

Scientists have not even seen a single virus under the microscope. They have no technology and they know nothing about virology. Today’s situation is completely different.

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