Viewers are tired of unexpected results De Slimste Mens

Viewers are tired of unexpected results De Slimste Mens

It became clear that Frank knew a lot last Thursday when he instantly became the smartest of the day on the first day he played in the NPO competition. He went the extra mile the next day by playing 663 seconds together, which Frank set a record for. This was the highest score in the history of the television show.

Unfortunately, that success will end on Wednesday evening. The writer will compete with other participants: Zaire Krieger and Martin Visser. Martin manages to win this episode, after which Frank has to compete with Zaire in the last round for a place in the next episode. Zaire managed to win this in time, automatically making Frank the loser of the day. “That’s a bit of a setback. I didn’t expect it,” the writer replies disappointedly. But don’t worry: luckily we’ll see Frank again in the final because of his grades.

This result is also unexpected for viewers of the show. Judging by the online reactions, Frank has many fans who defend him. “Happily Frank will be back! He was a little tired I think,” one wrote. ‘Frank has holidayAnother answered.

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