Verstappen, Perez and Sainz join Monza F1 grid penalty list

Verstappen, Perez and Sainz join Monza F1 grid penalty list

Two weeks after receiving an all-new power unit in Belgium, Red Bull decided to add a new internal combustion engine to Verstappen’s engine lineup, and incurred a five-place penalty at Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix.

Monza is seen as a key opportunity to introduce new power units and take the grid penalty because its long strait should make the transition to the field much easier than in the following races in Singapore and Japan.

Therefore, Verstappen will be adding a new fifth snow to his pool with minimal hits.

As widely expected, Verstappen’s teammate Perez also installed a new V6 engine.

Since this was the first time Perez exceeded the limit of three ICEs, he would take the grid penalty 10 times. Perez also took the fourth gearbox, which is still within the limits.

It was revealed on Friday Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz He will take a new power reserve, MGU-K and gearbox, which will cost him 25 places on the grid.

In recent races Ferrari has bumped its engine penalties, so Sainz’s penalty can be shifted to the back of the grid if Ferrari chooses to replace more parts.

Carlos Sainz, Ferrari

Photography: Mark Sutton / motorsports pictures

Either way, Sainz will be joined at the rear by Mercedes’ Lewis Hamiltonwhich also grabbed a fourth power unit of the season, as announced Thursday.

Yuki Tsunoda It will start at the back of the grid as well. The AlphaTauri was the driver Kicked by a 10 place net penalty kick He received a fifth reprimand of the season at Zandvoort last week, where he was penalized for driving into the pits with his seat belts buckled after he stopped off the track.

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With Tsunoda getting a penalty anyway, AlphaTauri took the opportunity to give him a new power unit.

Finally, Alfa Romeo Valtteri Bottas I’ve also turned the wheel of fortune in F1 and exited with the grid lower 15 places to take a new, turbocharged ICE and Ferrari’s MGU-H.

With his direct rivals awarded a penalty, Charles Leclerc’s chances of winning his second Italian Grand Prix at Ferrari took him, although penalties for Sainz, Perez and Hamilton gave Verstappen an easier path to the front.

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