NASA wants to make a third attempt to launch the SLS on September 23 or 27 – IT Pro – News

It was extended for 6 months after expiration, so January became July, so it expired again : s

So the actual situation on Earth, the LC-39B at Cape Canaveral (the owner is US Space Force), is that since July 2021, these three launch attempts have been tolerated by the US Space Force’s Eastern Range, with NASA’s Office of Inspector General. It was a crucial call. While the contract was already awarded by Congress in 2010, important stakeholders have already been replaced or something.

NASA Associate Administrator Jim Frey noted that what matters for these requests is whether the Space Force will agree to extend pre-defined requirements around batteries for a missile’s flight termination system, which is necessary in the event of a mid-launch problem.

“We are trying to plan a path forward if it allows us to extend the battery retest requirements,” Frey said.

Do you happen to have a link to the old procedure for charging batteries in Northrop Grumman’s solid rocket boosters? He doesn’t seem smart.

But did you read that?

NASA Artemis’ initial budget says $10 billion, but approved estimates, $100+ billion will be spent before 2026.

Are you supposed to hope that “wet rehearsal” won’t be abused? The 100% failure rate for a shuttle project is a big deal and the following rehearsals are all or nothing; Otherwise it will be taken to the moon, and I don’t think the crew is afraid.

But with such a management system, I wonder if NASA had any faith at all in the mission or launches. 3 (!) Cancellations accompanied by huge budget overruns is a prelude to a series of problems that will reveal themselves later. If you read critics this way, Boeing in particular has to suffer.

In the meantime, you could probably say that SpaceX has removed NASA from the position of the US Space Authority. I mean, you don’t have to be a flashlight to view KLM/Air France (or rather Fokker) problems on the situation with NASA in North America. This is also the X-factor, then in the more modern, oversized jacket. In other words, typical American.

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